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The Wager Fund FAQ’s

What is Entity Sports Wagering?

Entity Sports Wagering is a state of Nevada sports investment product that was legalized and signed into law in 2015. The Wager Fund pools investor funds, uses its expertise and proprietary systems take advantage of the high returns sports wagering offers.

Is Entity Sports Wagering Legal?

These funds were made legal with the passage of Nevada Senate Bills 443 and 445.

Where are the wagers placed?

The wagers are placed through the Venetian sportsbook which is operated by CG Technologies. Their website is

Where are the funds kept?

All funds will be kept with Bank of Nevada (part of the Multi Billion Dollar Western Alliance Banking Group). Their website is The betting account is held by CG Technology.

Can I invest if I live outside of Nevada?


What are my fees?

You will pay a fee of 5% on each successful sports wager. There is no fee for losing wagers. Our success is dependent on your success.

Are there any Guarantees?

There are no guarantees. The Wager Fund should never be your only investment strategy. It needs to be noted that the founder’s and managers’ money is at risk with every play along with your money. Our goal is to reduce risk. We will never place more than 10% of funds at risk on any day.

Will I have to pay taxes on the money I make?

Yes. This is a taxable investment.

How do I become and investor in the Wager Fund?

You will need to request an information packet at In the packet there will be an Associated Individual Form (the purpose of which is to document the legal source of your funds to be invested). Anyone can invest in THE WAGER FUND who is at least 21 years old and has a valid id. All applicants go through a verification process which includes your home address, drivers license and source of income. If you are approved, you will be sent an investor agreement. After the agreement is signed by both parties, you will be required to wire into our Bank of Nevada Gaming Account. The process typically takes up to 2 weeks. Note: If you are not an American investor you can still participate, but the approval process often takes longer.

What’s the Minimum I can invest in THE WAGER FUND?

If you are an American and approved, your minimum is $10,000. If you are not American and approved, your minimum investment is $30,000 (US).

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